Welcome to Big Dreams, Faith, and Valor. A Phoenix Niche, LLC was founded by two lifelong friends, Petra Martinez & Norma Morales, who inspire new life into the fashion boutique scene! 

With Petra working in the Luxury Retail & Philanthropy industry for over two decades and Norma with a long-term career in Supply Chain Management, they both realized their innate value in bringing couture expertise and luxe-charm into a boutique niche. 

Regaining strength from pandemic heartaches, holding on to God’s promises and their God-filled faith, it was time to change the scenery. The duo-phoenixes were ready to begin a new chapter empowering others to find their fashion niche.

While the founders are alumnae of the University of Phoenix, more importantly, both women have an internal fiery love for Christ; their passion fuels their courage, much like a Phoenix bird. The bird’s wingspan points upward and onward, often used as a smile. Smiling from the resurrection of God’s promises. This spiritual meaning of a Phoenix bird assured both women that, A Phoenix Niche shall be built on a leap of faith, hope for new beginnings, and giving back through the kindness act of philanthropy.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your shopping!


Petra Martinez and Norma Morales

"Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord." Luke 1:45