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Please Note: There is a minimum requirement of 15 guests due to the time and effort needed to prepare for an event.

Jewelry Care Instructions

Enter the world of jewelry to be a part of expressing who you are. Our exclusive jewelry design genres include romantic vintage, delicate feminine, contemporary chic and minimalistic sophistication. The collection will be perfect for all occasions from everyday wear to special moments, bridal, and gifts. Each piece embodies delicate details, glamorous sparkle, and beautiful shapes & colors. 

Each piece is carefully hand crafted by skilled artisans with love and they can be very delicate in nature. Please use appropriate care to enjoy them for a long time. We do not recommend applying lotion and perfume directly to jewelry and showering, swimming in the pool, and sea water should be avoided while wearing Jewelry.

When not wearing, keep each piece separate to avoid tangling and damage. Long strands should be worn with care to prevent catches and pulls. Jewelry should be handled like a fine piece of crystal to avoid damage and breakage.